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We bought a field

The story of an 11.4 acre field in South West Shropshire


Some links to useful groups/websites. I have found a lot of help, information and support on a number of Facebook special interest groups, such as Tree Planting UK, UK Wildlife Ponds and Making Wildflower Meadows.

Meadow organisations:

Marches Meadow Group

Magnificent Meadows (Plant Life)


Herefordshire Meadows

Meadow Musings (from Carmarthenshire)


Useful Shropshire-based organisations:

Shropshire Hills AONB - Landscape

Middle Marches Community Land Trust

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

CPRE Shropshire

Land, Life & Livelihoods

Redlake Valley Community Benefit Society

Sources of native UK-grown wildflower seed:


Habitat Aid - Wildflower seed & plugs

British Wildflower Seeds

Tree nurseries - native UK grown trees

Forestart (Shropshire) - wildflower seed and trees (wholesale and retail)

Heathwood Nurseries (Shropshire) - trees, hedging plants & shrubs

My other websites  (My artwork - digital paintings, monoprints, photography)

Enchanted Realm blog (A little blog of images and words about our lovely Redlake Valley in Shropshire)