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We bought a field

The story of an 11.4 acre field in South West Shropshire


We have always called the field "Henry's Field" (since it belonged to our neighbour Henry Richards for many years) but on the wonderful Foxall Shropshire field maps of 1841 it is called Stony Field.

The field was once divided into three smaller units and you can still make out the old hedgelines in raking light.

At one time, it probably belonged to the house. Stags Head was once a parlour pub (closed in 1955) - and, we are reliably told, destination of a well-used bus from Knighton (Radnorshire) on Sundays (when Wales was 'dry' on the Sabbath).

The field has three tumps (Shropshire word for hillocks), two of which are steeply sloping and have a covering of Yellow Meadow Anthills. We think the tumps might be glacial moraines (?) but they have a strange 'cut through' the middle section which at the moment has not been explained. 


There is evidence (especially in winter) of an old watercourse at the bottom of the field where it is still damp and rushy.

In raking light (top picture) and particularly in the LiDAR (laser/3D) image beneath it, there is evidence of the long sweeping parallel lines indicating North-South ridge and furrow as well as East-West field boundaries.

More research to be done!

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